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The Unseen Implications of Losing Teeth

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Modern dentistry seeks to restore comfort, speech, aesthetics, normal functions as well as health to those individuals that have lost teeth. This is the answer to the rise in the number of people experiencing loss of teeth due to aging. This task becomes even more challenging when a person has more teeth missing. Consequently, continued research in the development of…

How to Handle Dental Emergencies

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  Dental emergencies can happen at any time. But, if you handle the situation immediately trauma to the mouth and teeth can be significantly reduced. The infographic provided below shows you how to deal with commonly occurring dental emergencies: Special Tip – Keep a dental emergency kit on stand-by at all times. A dental aid kit must include a handkerchief,…

Searching for Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions? Read This to Ensure that You Get the Best!

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Are any of these your most searched topics on internet? How to whiten teeth Home remedies for teeth whitening Do teeth whitening strips work Professional teeth whitening cost If your answer is yes and you too like thousands of others are obsessed with having those perfect pearly whites, and are contemplating whether to choose Over-the-Counter (OTC) whitening products or seek…

Did You Know These Amazing Foods Could Help Improve Your Oral Health? Dig in!

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When oral health is at stake, the most common suggestions we come across are the don’ts, especially the ones related to foods. But what if you find crunchy, delicious and naturally sweet food options to maintain good oral health? Well, below is a compilation of some of the best foods for oral health. Farm Fresh The list of health benefits…

Planning for Oral Sedation Dentistry: What to Tell Your Dentist

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A lot of people feel anxiety, worry or even pure terror before a dental appointment, even if they’re just going in for teeth cleaning. Some are so afraid that they avoid checkups even when they have tooth or gum problems, which get worse if they’re neglected. Sedation dentistry is a common solution for dealing with dental anxiety. What Is Sedation…

5 Rare Dental Diseases You’re Unaware Of (Until Now)

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Taking the right steps at an early stage is the best way to prevent any problem. This is why parents must have their child screened by a dentist at the age of seven because it is the best time to diagnose any underlying teeth problems so that they can be addressed in time. Your child could be suffering from a…

How Common Medications Are Affecting Your Oral Health – Symptoms and Side Effects

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Most over the counter medicines have side effects including oral side effects. So, the next time you pop a pill be sure to check that it is not causing any harm to your oral health. Medications surely make you feel much better but all of them whether taken orally or injected, have the risk of side effects and oral problems.…

A Complete Parental Guide on Protecting Your Kid’s Teeth When Playing Sports

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Spring is in full swing which means more time outdoors! As baseball and soccer take the center stage in your child’s life, you need to ensure that falls and collisions don’t do any major damage. Keep your child’s teeth safe from flying baseballs and footballs with the following precautionary measures and keep the fun going: Use the Right Protective Equipment…

Harmful Habits You Need to Quit Now to Keep Your Teeth Healthy!

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Being able to chew your food so digestion happens effectively is crucial for your body to absorb nutrients. For that, you need your teeth! Being able to talk right, to pronounce words correctly so that others can understand you is absolutely essential. For that, you need your teeth! Being able to smile at someone – be it your crush, your…

Ready for Your Very First Denture? Not Until You Read This

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Dentures – whether used for replacing all or some of your teeth, can seem daunting. Even small acts like chewing and speaking with dentures initially can cause discomfort or pain. Apart from getting habituated to them, it is also essential to maintain them properly. We have listed below some important aspects to help you get comfortable with your new dentures…