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Forward Head Posture may be Linked to TMJ Disorder

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Forward head posture and TMJ

Jaw joints also known as temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are one of the most used joints in our body. Our daily actions like swallowing, yawning, talking, etc. make use of jaw joints. You can feel these joints by placing your fingers in front of your ear and move your jaw. Any problem associated with these joints is called TMJ disorder. Like…

Early Diagnosis of TMJ can Save You a Lot of Trouble

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Have you ever felt pain in your ear that is accompanied by an unusual of pain in your throat, that is different from when you have a cold or a sore throat? Are you experiencing abnormality in speech which refuses to go away even after consulting speech and hearing therapists? These symptoms are a sign that you might be suffering…

Pregnancy and Oral Health: Can You Afford to Ignore the Connection?

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While good dental health is important at any stage in life, it’s especially critical when you’re pregnant. Even when you’re busy preparing your body, home and life for the new arrival, you can’t afford to let your oral health slide! Let’s look at some of the dilemmas that expecting mothers face about pregnancy and teeth, and understand the link between…

Gum Disease Treatment Linked to Decline in Prostate Symptoms

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Are you aware of the link between gum disease and prostate health? Previous studies had found that oral health is linked to brain health, but recent research has also discovered the link between gum health and prostate health. This connection may not appear very obvious but you should not ignore it. Studies now revealed that treatment of gum disease can…

Strengthen Your Enamel Because It Won’t Grow Back

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Enamel is the covering on your teeth that protects them from decay. With time, this enamel undergoes wear and tear, which is normal. However, you may want to watch out for extra damage to this layer as unlike your bone, it cannot grow back and you can’t get it replaced either. So, the best you can do is take proper…

8 Reasons Why Your Gums Bleed and Their Solutions

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Bleeding gums are not normal, even when you have your teeth professionally cleaned. If your gums start bleeding when you floss or brush your teeth then you have periodontal disease, also known as gum disease. Gum disease is a contagious bacterial infection which destroys your gums and erodes your jawbone which can lead to tooth loss. 8 Reasons Why Your…

Dental Fillings can Spread Decay to Your Neighboring Teeth

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Tooth decay occurs due to an infection with certain types of bacteria that tend to use sugars in food to make acid. These acids tend to make a cavity in your teeth over time. A filling is a way to restore your damaged tooth back to its normal function and shape. A dentist removes the decayed tooth material and cleans…

What’s the Connection between Seniors’ Oral and Mental Health?

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One of the most devastating effects of aging is the decline in cognitive function that affects our elders in their later years. Some recent research points to declining oral health for elders as a factor affecting their mental health. In the US, the senior population is growing every day, and over a third of over-70 elders suffer from some form…

TMJ Pain Treatment: What to Eat, What Not to Eat

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Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) is a very painful experience which makes eating or chewing food a mammoth task. There are numerous ways to treat TMJ pain. One of them is following a proper diet. Let us take a look at some of the foods that help reduce TMJ pain. Fluids Fresh fruit juices, vegetable or chicken soup, broth, milk etc.…

Uneven teeth? Here are you options for Teeth Straightening

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Do you wish that your smile could have been better? Don’t despair. Technology advancements have made certain parameters controllable for man; one of which is teeth straightening. Many people feel about a slight regret regarding their smiles. They avoid getting clicked, talk less and even drop plans of going out with friends frequently. They get conscious and this brings down…