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Uneven teeth? Here are you options for Teeth Straightening

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Do you wish that your smile could have been better? Don’t despair. Technology advancements have made certain parameters controllable for man; one of which is teeth straightening. Many people feel about a slight regret regarding their smiles. They avoid getting clicked, talk less and even drop plans of going out with friends frequently. They get conscious and this brings down…

A Complete Guide to Splint Therapy

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The temporomandibular joint, or the ‘jaw point’, is a hinge that connects your jaw to your temporal skull bones.  It assists in the opening and closing of your jaw, and plays an important role in letting you speak, chew, smile and yawn. Because of the frequent and constant use of the jaw point, it is a common target for recurring…

Do Wisdom Teeth Really Unlock Wisdom When Removed?

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So is it really wise to have your wisdom teeth removed? This rather sensitive and painful procedure has become a controversial point over the last few years for many people who have benefited from this simple extraction and the equally many who have suffered terribly because of it. Does Loss of Wisdom Teeth lead to TMJ? Many people who still…