Dental Fillings

If a tooth is damaged with decay or fracture on the surface, a filling is needed to bring the tooth back to the normal shape and function it had before.  These fillings strengthen the tooth and need to be put into place during the early stages of the damage.

If you have a tooth that feels more sensitive than others, it could be a sign that you should contact Dr. Joshua Hong DDS to repair your damaged tooth with a filling. Fillings are made with a silicon mixture to create a color similar to your tooth to make the filling not noticeable and leave you with a radiant smile. This tooth composite bond not only looks and feels natural, it supports the remainder of the tooth, preventing it from more decay or other damage.fillings-in-goodyear-for-teeth

If a filling does turn out to be the solution to your tooth problem, Dr. Hong, a dentist in Goodyear, AZ will go through the steps required to fix your tooth with a filling starting with examining the tooth and gums, until your tooth looks as good as new.

Contact Dr. Joshua Hong DDS today to fix your tooth problems!