Endodontic Root Canals

When a tooth is cracked, broken or injured, generally a root canal is performed on the tooth to not only fix it, but to prevent it from worsening or getting infected.  If a tooth is not correctly and promptly worked on, the crack or break could lead to infections and diseases in the underlinings of the tooth and gums.  Depending upon how severe the damage to the tooth is and whether or not there is an infection present, a root canal may take a few root-canals-goodyear-azappointments to be put into action because of the process required to perform a root canal. Some common symptoms of a tooth that needs a root canal consist of prolonged tooth sensitivity or tenderness, swelling under the jaw or pus draining from the tooth or gums.  These symptoms could all potentially turn into gum disease or other infections if the tooth is not treated properly and taken care of. Root canals are essentially the cleaning of the canals inside of the roots of the tooth to prevent infection.  The tooth’s nerve is located inside of the canal in the root, so the nerve is scrubbed clean and all of the disease is removed.  The canal is then medicated and sealed shut to prevent future infections or diseases.  A dental crown is then placed on the tooth to hold the tooth together and keep the tooth sealed closed to keep it clean and healthy. After the root canal is performed, proper maintenance is still required to prevent it from being infected again. Contact Dr. Joshua Hong DDS today if you are in need of a root canal!