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Are you aware of the link between gum disease and prostate health? Previous studies had found that oral health is linked to brain health, but recent research has also discovered the link between gum health and prostate health. This connection may not appear very obvious but you should not ignore it.

Studies now revealed that treatment of gum disease can help in reducing prostate inflammation. Gum disease is known to have a link to prostate inflammation called prostatitis. This is a disease that can cause inflammation of the gland that produces semen and consequently, it can make urination difficult.The study establishing the link was published in the journal called Dentistry and pressed on the link between the treatment of gum disease and reduction in symptoms of prostatitis.

Findings of the New Prostate Study

The study was conducted by the Case Western Reserve’s Department of Periodontics and it examined the effect of treatment of gum disease on prostate health. The researchers took 27 men aged 21 years and older who were suffering from prostatitis and also had moderate to severe gum disease. All of the men chosen had a needle biopsy within the previous year that confirmed inflammation of prostate gland in them. They also had blood tests which showed high levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in them. In addition, they were given the International-Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) test to determine the quality of their lives and any urination issues they might be facing.

During the course of the research, they were given treatment for their gum disease and no treatment for prostatitis. They underwent tests for four to eight weeks and showed significant improvement in their gum health.

Surprisingly, 21 out the 27 men showed improvement in prostate symptoms along with improvement in the gum health. Researchers asserted that if we treat gum disease, we can achieve a significant drop in levels of PSA. Participants with the highest levels of inflammation showed the most improvement while six of them showed no changes. After the course of gum treatment, they were again given IPSS test and improvement in the scores was noted.

The Bottom Line

Contrary to the popular belief that gum disease affects only the mouth, the research has proved that gum health is linked to the health of various body parts. Bad gum health can have an adverse effect on many other parts of the body and not just the mouth. Links have also been found between gum disease and rheumatoid arthritis, fetal deaths and cardiac health.

So, you may want to have a better check on your oral health. Never ignore any oral health issues like bleeding gums, swelling or even bad breath. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Avoid gum disease and visit your nearest Joshua Hong Clinic today!