Heart Happy for February

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Today, wear red to show your support for heart health! Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that heart attack and stroke has been directly related to gum disease? Have you ever noticed that when you floss, sometimes your gums bleed? When your gums bleed, plaque can get into your blood stream and travel to your heart, brain, or even an artificial joint or replacement. The more you floss regularly the less your gums will bleed; the healthy your gums are, the happier your heart, brain and artificial joints will be. Regarding heart conditions and artificial replacements, that is why we commonly premedicate with an antibiotic. This helps to kill any bacteria stopping it before it enters your bloodstream. From a holistic approach, swishing with alkaline, chemical free, antiviral and antimacrobial rinses like wheatgrass juice can help fight gum disease, strengthen your gums and kill germs in your oral cavity. Plus, if you drink 1.5oz of wheatgrass juice it is equivalent to eating 2.5lbs of vegetables. If that isn’t heart happy we don’t know what is. Don’t forget to focus on heart happy in the month of February.heart healthheart healthheart health