Oral Surgery & Tooth Removal

Dr. Joshua Hong DDS is a dentist who has been through extra training specialized for oral surgery, such as anesthesia training, not just regular dentistry.  This specialized training separates Dr. Hong from most other dentists, and shows his dedication to dentistry and helping his patients with whatever it is they need.

Oral surgery could be the solution to many different tooth problems. Oral surgeries include, but are not limited to, wisdom teeth removal or surgery to fix problems with your jaw or palate.  Dr. Hong has performed many oral surgeries and the results are always just what the patient wanted, if not better.

Oral surgery generally requires a referral from your dentist for things such as an impacted tooth, a lesion or tumor, or the removal of teeth.  In some occasions an orthodontist could refer you for oral surgery for things such as an open bite or a jaw alignment problem.  However, with Dr. Hong there is no need for a referral because he can provide one himself.

The most common oral surgeries generally involve extractions of unwanted teeth.  These teeth could be wisdom teeth or impacted teeth which would involve going into the gums and getting the teeth out.  Oral surgery generally includes being placed under anesthetic and Dr. Hong removing the teeth with specialized tools made specifically for tooth removal.

If you have unwanted teeth bothering you, set up an appointment today to get them removed by Joshua Hong DDS.