Oral Hygiene Checkups

The best way to detect problems with your teeth and gums is routine checkups with your Dr. Joshua Hong DDS.  Detecting a problem before it becomes an even bigger problem could save a lot of time, pain and money for you.  Having Dr. Hong make sure you are keeping good dental hygiene is a necessity to keeping your mouth healthy and preventing infections or diseases.  goodyear-az-dental-checkup

A full dental hygiene check up in Goodyear, AZ includes visual examinations of the mouth and jaw, checking for gingivitis in the gumline, teeth cleanings and checking teeth for signs of decay or diseases.  These routine dental hygiene checkups are imperative to keeping your mouth clean and healthy, and keeping a clean smile on your face.

Not having proper dental hygiene and attending routine checkups with Dr. Hong could potentially cause many problems with your mouth including cavities, infections and diseases.

Make an appointment with Joshua Hong DDS to get your dental hygiene check up and have your mouth feeling fresh and clean!