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So is it really wise to have your wisdom teeth removed? This rather sensitive and painful procedure has become a controversial point over the last few years for many people who have benefited from this simple extraction and the equally many who have suffered terribly because of it.

Does Loss of Wisdom Teeth lead to TMJ?

Many people who still have their wisdom teeth safely attached, write off “Wisdom Teeth Extraction” by naively stating that it protects periodontal health and reduces cavity risks simply because they are unaware of the pain and suffering that their friends and family face after the extraction of their wisdom teeth. This in effect leads to a lifetime of TMJ Jaw Pain which is not at all pleasant according to the many that suffer from it.

TMJ is caused by the rupturing and removal of many sensitive nerves and muscles in the mouth which leads to much larger periodontal pockets and has very little effect on the rate of cavities. This, in particular, leads to a loss of sensation in the lips which is bad for everyone especially foodies!!

Jaw Pains Caused by Wisdom Teeth Extraction


Image source: marylandfamilydentistry.com

Jaw pain seems to increase by 34% in people who have had their wisdom teeth removed as compared to the 8.7% in the people who still have their wisdom teeth intact.

According to studies – TMJ is caused largely by the removal of wisdom teeth which can lead to TMJ Syndrome or TMJ Disease which are much more harmful and a lot more painful for those who have removed their wisdom teeth already. It can be particularly harmful to women between the ages of 18-44 as it increases the stress in the neck and face and ruins that lovely “Colgate smile”.

Is it still worth risking the Jaw Pain for the rest of your life?

If this article did not scare you into retaining your wisdom teeth and you`re adamant on removing your wisdom teeth, then these are the questions you should be asking your dentist:

  • How many teeth will you remove?
  • Will you use general or local anesthesia?
  • How long will the oral surgery take?
  • Is there a possibility of nerve damage?
  • How long will my recovery take?
  • Is it wise to proceed considering my physical disposition eg. poorly positioned teeth etc.
  • How will it affect me in the long run?

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth can cause TMJ in most cases according to the stats and should be taken very seriously. By now TMJ must be sounding like a very frightful and painful condition which can turn your perfect smile to a painful scowl but fear not as there are solutions and remedies to help those of you who have already had their wisdom teeth extracted.

These human invented remedies are known as TMJ Pain Treatment modules which are offered by Joshua Hong. These Pain Treatment Modules are used to combat the pain caused by TMJ, keeping in mind the pain and effects caused by TMJ. Many disgruntled and pain hindered patients have walked out of Joshua Hong’s doors smiling ear to ear and pain-free.