Top 8 Christmas Dental Tips to Protect Your Teeth in Festive Season

Top 8 Christmas Dental Tips to Protect Your Teeth in Festive Season

Christmas is coming! It’s time to be happy with joy while spending time with your family and friends. and with these celebrations come Christmas cake, candies, sweets, and drinks, which can pay a toll on your teeth and dental health.

To help you steer away from teeth problems and dental dilemmas, here are our top Christmas dental tips.

  1. Watch Your Munching

    We all are guilty of snacking and munching all day during Christmas. Some candies here, some cakes and pies there, and so on. This way, your teeth are getting exposed to sugar multiple times in a day. That would be inviting bacteria and cavities inside your mouth. We recommend that you keep non-sugary options for snacking handy to avoid the high level of sugar intake.

  2. Steer Away from Sticky Sweets

    The sweets, pies, and cakes become more hazardous to your teeth when they are full of sticky and hard dry fruits. For example, mince Pie or Christmas pudding. We can’t tell you not to eat them at all (although that would be our top recommendation). But, it’s a good idea to limit the intake of such sweets.

  3. Don’t Pick Up the Toothpick

    It is common for a turkey morsel to get stuck in your teeth while eating Christmas dinner. Be patient, and don’t start picking at your teeth with the first sharp object you find or even a toothpick. Use flossing or an interdental brush instead. You can also soften the food lodged in your teeth with some warm water and gargle.

  4. Play Hard to Get With Hard Candies

    Anything hard and sticky can damage your teeth, especially if you undergo dental treatment or have braces. The stiff candy can crack your veneers and bridges. Sticky toffies might damage your braces. So it is advisable to have chocolates or candies which melt in your mouth instead.

  5. Don’t Bite the Ice

    While the child inside you still enjoys the feeling of ice getting crushed between your teeth, it can definitely be very harmful to your teeth. The cold temperature and hardness of the ice are both damaging to your teeth. And, if you’re going through any dental treatment or have recently had any teeth procedures done, then for sure, you should not chew on ice.

  6. Don’t Treat Your Teeth as a Tool

    Yes, people do use their teeth as a bottle opener. It’s given that during the festivities, drinking might be on the rise, and there’s no harm in the occasional extra drink, but using your teeth as a bottle opener is a big no-no. You will end up chipping or breaking your teeth and, in the process hurting your tongue, lip, cheeks, or jaws. Similarly, don’t get tempted to crack hard nuts with your teeth either.

  7. Don’t Break Your Dental Routine

    To keep your brushing and flossing schedule intact during the festive time is challenging. The late-night parties and drinks make you lazy. But in fact, this is the time you should take extra care and be vigilant with your dental hygiene.

  8. Finish Your Meal With Cheese

    Cheese reduces the acidic effect of the food and drinks on your teeth. So, when you indulge in all the Christmas sweets and goodies, top it off with cheese!

Eat, drink, & party. But don’t forget these Christmas dental tips. Click here or call us on 623.925.8822 to contact Joshua Hong DDS for any pre-festival or post-festival dental consultation.

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