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At Joshua Hong DDS, we are dedicated to the highest quality of dentistry available, coupled with the utmost attention to your comfort and care. Dr. Hong, along with his smile team treats each of you as though you were a family member, in an environment that is calm, relaxing, quiet, clean, and modern.

Our approach to dentistry is to give you the options so you are empowered in your decision toward a healthy smile. Our patients receive holistic care as we focus on the entire person and their well-being, instead of just one tooth!

We are the trusted local dentist in Goodyear, AZ for the Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

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Comprehensive Dental Services
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Dr Hong and his smile team are highly committed to delivering the highest quality of dentistry with their diverse and advanced range of treatments that are completely tailored for you. Our dental services include:

Creating Beautiful Smiles For Over A Decade!

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Here’s why Joshua Hong DDS has been a preferred dental practice among families for over a decade –

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