Sedative Dentistry


Sedation or Twilight Dentistry is a technique where patients are given medication that puts them in a sleepy but conscious state and numbs their senses in the mouth so that they experience a pain-free dental procedure. Patients find themselves in a ‘twilight state’ wherein they feel sleepy but are conscious, can follow simple instructions and can respond to the dentist. Most patients don’t remember the procedure or have any memory of the events immediately after the procedure, thus contributing to the name ‘memory free’ dentistry.

Why Sedation

  • Fear of needles, injections, and dentist’s drill
  • A strong gag reflex when an object is kept in the patient’s mouth
  • Extremely sensitive gums and teeth
  • Prior traumatic dental experience
  • Deep anxiety, fear or phobia


Based on the required procedure and patient’s medical history, dentists offer three kinds of sedation.

  • Oral Sedation:

    This includes pills of different dosages that need to be taken orally. At times, even liquids are given if patients have trouble taking pills. These are ideally given an hour before the appointment and make the patients drowsy. Dr. Hong works with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

  • Inhalation Sedation:

    For this, patients inhales a gaseous sedative, mostly nitrous oxide (laughing gas) mixed with oxygen, through a mask kept over the nose. It helps them relax almost instantly and Dr. Hong can continuously monitor the level of sedative being administered. The effect of gas wears off quickly after the procedure is completed and patients can get back to their regular chores almost instantly.

  • Intravenous Sedation:

    Here the sedative is administered through a vein directly into the blood stream. The effect of the sedative can be observed almost immediately and dentists can control the amount of sedative being administered throughout the procedure. Dr. Hong works with a Board Certified Anethesiologist.

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