5 Common Problems that Cosmetic Dentistry Can Solve

January 25, 2019

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You’re rushing out for a morning meeting and you realize you’ve chipped a tooth! Maybe you tried opening last night’s beer bottle with your teeth! Now you’re worried and when you look a little closer, you find some of your teeth stained! So do you still head to the office or run to your dentist first?
We’ve all been through this phase whether at school or at work and we require an instant solution! Cosmetic dentistry can definitely help to correct your smile for healthier gums and teeth.

Here are some 5 issues cosmetic dentistry can solve:

  1. Teeth Discoloration

In the space of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is sought-after amongst patients. In this procedure, tooth stains are covered with the help of a whitening gel and laser light that bleach imperfections away. Your dentist will help you determine the type of tooth stain to ensure your treatment is effective.

  1. Gaps between Teeth: Diastema

A midline diastema can be closed by a direct bonding procedure. The enamel of the adjoining teeth is treated with an acid conditioner. The acid conditioner dissolves some of the mineral content of the enamel, creating surface roughness. A bonding agent is then applied.

It creates resin tags into the enamel when hardened with a special light. Thus, creating a micro-mechanical attachment to the enamel. Teeth-colored dental composite is added incrementally to close the diastema. Each increment is chemically bonded to the previous increment.

  1. Tooth Loss: Dental Implants

Dental implants function as artificial roots that resemble screws. When they are placed in your jawbone, they bond with your natural bone. They serve as a sturdy base that supports one or more artificial teeth called crowns.

A connector that is known as abutment is placed over the dental implant to support and hold your crowns. These crowns are made to match your natural teeth so that they fit perfectly in your mouth.

  1. Gum Reshaping/Contouring

Gum contouring is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry that changes the shape of your gums. Your dentist uses this procedure to remove excessive gum tissue that has been giving you a “gummy” smile all this while. A laser recontours and seals the tissue to create an ideal shape that stops your gums from bleeding.

  1. Bonding

If you have broken teeth, gaps, and stained teeth, bonding will significantly improve your appearance and correct your improper smile. Additionally, tooth bonding is a technique that fills cavities and protects roots that are exposed. It will eliminate problems of sensitivity when you consume anything that is hot or cold.

The procedures in cosmetic dentistry not only improve your smile but also make your teeth a lot stronger. And with stronger teeth, you can enjoy all your favorite food. The added comfort ensures you’re not left out when everyone’s having bagels!
If you’re looking for professional teeth whitening in Goodyear, AZ visit our clinic today for a healthy set of teeth!