7 Factors That Determine Your Candidacy for Dental Bonding

January 25, 2018

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Dental bonding is a safe, fast, affordable and minimally invasive dental treatment that involves minor corrective work to revitalize your smile. But, it is important to know if you are a candidate for dental bonding to make sure it is the right investment for you. If you have minor aesthetic imperfections, you may qualify for a dental bonding procedure. It can efficiently conceal dental flaws like stained, chipped, crooked, and misaligned teeth but the treatment is not for everyone.

Dental bonding is primarily for those with:

    • Chipped TeethA chipped tooth can be caused by a sporting injury, an accident, or a car crash but dental bonding can efficiently treat a chipped tooth and improve esthetics while protecting the tooth from further damage. Dental bonding replaces the lost tooth material with composite resin that invisibly blends with your tooth and looks completely natural.
    • Stained Teeth Certain stains are immune to professional teeth whitening procedures and affect only a few teeth. Also, patients who are suffering from dental sensitivity do not make good candidates for a whitening treatment. This is where dental bonding can help brighten up the entire smile.
    • Crooked Teeth Dental bonding can fix slightly crooked teeth by reshaping them. After reshaping, the dentist applies composite resin to ensure that the crooked tooth perfectly aligns with the adjacent teeth to give you a perfectly aligned dental arch.  
    • Fractured Teeth Facial injury or bruxism can result in minor dental fractures and a cracked or chipped front tooth can dramatically affect your appearance and your dental health. Dental bonding can effectively conceal these dental flaws and improve the appearance of your smile.
    • Gapped Teeth Unsightly gaps between two adjacent teeth make the teeth look asymmetrical or misaligned but dental bonding can close the gaps all across your smile and enhance the appeal of your smile in a single visit.
    • Unshapely Teeth If your teeth are misshapen, dental bonding can easily add some extra length or width to your teeth to give it an even edge. The result is proportionate teeth and a beautiful smile that enhances your existing facial structure.
    • BracesPatients wearing braces can greatly enhance the results of their orthodontic treatment with dental bonding. Dental bonding conceals gaps and crowding that typically develop in patients who wear braces for a longer time. It can also mask the stains that are caused by prolonged use of braces.  

Other Considerations

Generally, the candidacy for dental bonding only requires good oral health so if you are suffering from gum disease or having dental cavities, these problems should be resolved prior to proceeding with the treatment. Smoking results in dental discoloration and teeth whitening treatment fails to remove the aggressive staining caused by smoking. This is why dentists recommend their patients to stop smoking before they can undergo a dental bonding treatment. However, if the patient continues to smoke following the treatment, the discoloration and staining will continue to increase with time and eventually they would need a retreatment to retain the esthetic integrity of their smiles.  

Dental Bonding Aftercare

Apart from having good oral health before the procedure, it is equally important to maintain oral health following the procedure.  To avoid staining and discoloration after your treatment, you need to limit your consumption of tea and coffee, richly colored sauces, and smoking. To enhance the longevity of the composite resin material, you need to steer clear of habits like biting your fingernails, chewing on hard, sugary foods and gnawing on objects like pens and pencils or opening packages using your teeth. Practicing good oral hygiene and keeping up with your dental visits following your treatment will ensure that your dental bonding remains in good condition for as long as a decade and your smile spectacular for years. Best option for minor cosmetic changes, dental bonding is a practical and affordable way to enhance your smile.

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