Ready for Your Very First Denture? Not Until You Read This

March 20, 2017

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Dentures – whether used for replacing all or some of your teeth, can seem daunting. Even small acts like chewing and speaking with dentures initially can cause discomfort or pain. Apart from getting habituated to them, it is also essential to maintain them properly.

We have listed below some important aspects to help you get comfortable with your new dentures and handle them correctly. Let’s take a look:

Oral Hygiene

The importance of oral hygiene can never be undervalued. And, with people using dentures, it becomes all the more essential. You should keep a close watch on the condition of your gums, rest of your natural teeth if any, tongue and the insides of your cheek. Also, the dentures are prone to getting stained or damaged by bacteria. So it is crucial that you don’t neglect their maintenance. Use a brush with soft bristles and consult a dentist to know how to clean your dentures properly.

Denture Care

You should regularly soak your dentures as instructed. This helps remove any residual food particles, harmful germs and bacteria. It is unadvisable to use any kind of cleaning solutions for dentures while they are within the mouth. Hence, always soak them in an appropriate container.

Choosing Adhesives

Denture adhesives can help you with adjustment problems, by easing the discomfort. However, this does not mean that anybody with dentures can use such adhesives. The needs vary according to the user and the design of the dentures. Before choosing any such adhesives, it is mandatory that you check with a dentist about it.

Consume More Water

Be it with dentures or with natural teeth, a dry mouth leads to decay and bad breath. So, make a conscious effort to drink more water. This will help you get rid of soreness and irritation caused by using a denture in a dry mouth.

Eat Wisely

Dentures are built to suit the natural design of your jaws. But, at an early stage you should bear in mind that you are not used to chewing with them. Therefore, to avoid harming them or yourself, and to keep them healthy in the long run, you should watch what and how you eat. It is best to not eat sticky or sugar and acid rich foods. Start with softer foods and small pieces, so chewing becomes easy and comfortable.

Practice Talking

First time denture users often avoid talking to avoid irritation and at times embarrassment. However, dentists suggest that they should in fact knowingly make an effort to talk more. This can help them get comfortable with their dentures faster.

It is however important to know that your natural teeth if maintained well, can eliminate the need for dentures. This can be done by including some simple habits in your daily routine. Like eating wisely, using a soft brush and correct brushing ways, regular flossing, drinking liquids like juices with straws, quit smoking, having a basic awareness about oral health and undergoing periodic dental check-ups.

Get in touch with us at Joshua Hong DDS in Goodyear AZ today, to know more about how you can retain healthy natural teeth for years. And, even if you are using dentures then we can help you to get used to them, effortlessly. Our dedicated Smile Team is ever-ready to resolve any of your concerns related to oral health.