Searching for Effective Teeth Whitening Solutions? Read This to Ensure that You Get the Best!

July 17, 2017

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If your answer is yes and you too like thousands of others are obsessed with having those perfect pearly whites, and are contemplating whether to choose Over-the-Counter (OTC) whitening products or seek the services of a professional, this article is exactly what you need to read today. Described below are both types of teeth whitening treatments to help you choose well.

OTC Options for Whitening

There are numerous OTC teeth whitening products available today. Let’s understand how they work –

  • Toothpastes
    They are mostly helpful in removing only surface stains because of their mild abrasive components. However, whitening toothpastes which contain chemical polishing constituents have extra stain removal qualities, but are devoid of bleach. So they brighten up the teeth by only about a shade more.
  • Chewing gum
    Sugar-free chewing gums are available for restoring the whiteness of teeth. Most of them are to be taken after meals and the whiteners in them coat the teeth surface to prevent staining.
  • Rinses
    Mouth whitening rinses have an additional ingredient – hydrogen peroxide. Just like any other mouthwashes, these rinses are also to be swished around in the mouth for around 60 seconds. However, most dental professionals are of the opinion that these give negligible results as they come in contact of teeth for only few seconds.
  • Pre-made whitening trays
    These trays are similar to mouth guards, and are filled with a gel-based whitening solution. It comprises peroxide bleaching agents. But, since the trays are not customized for any specific dental structure, the gel often comes in contact with gums and other soft tissues, and causes irritation. Besides, these pre-made trays usually have less gel content as compared to the personalized ones provided by a teeth whitening dentist.
  • Gels and whitening strips
    Whitening gels and gel-based whitening strips; both contain peroxide for brightening teeth. The gel and the strips are to be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Both these products usually take around a few days to whiten teeth and the final results may last as long as around four months.

Professional whitening Treatments

  • Dentists generally use whitening gels which give impressive and instant results, by disintegrating the bonds of stain molecules within only an hour or so. Often a high-intensity light is used to activate the gel and allow the oxygen to penetrate teeth more intensely for remarkable outcomes.
  • As opposed to the OTC teeth whitening solutions or even dentist-prescribed at home products which contain only around 3% of hydrogen peroxide, the whitening agents used by professionals in dental clinics, have 15-43% of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Additional precautions are taken by a dentist to safeguard your gum tissues and oral cavities from the effect of bleaching agents present in whitening solutions. These include usage of protective gel or rubber shield.
  • Of course, the professional teeth whitening cost is much higher. But it’s a worthy investment which is absolutely safe and offers much better and instant results than any of the store-bought whitening kits or DIY natural ways to whiten teeth.
  • No product or service ensures permanent white teeth. Hence, it is essential that you don’t miss out on your scheduled dental visits to maintain the effects of whitening treatments.

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