Tooth Care Tips to Keep Your Kid’s Smile Healthy This Halloween

October 13, 2017

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It’s that time of the year again! Sweet treats, spooky decor, zombies, and witches are all set for the annual trick-or-treat haul. Like every year, this year also parents will spend billions on costumes and candies while kids will have one sole goal in mind – accumulating piles of candy which is no less than a nightmare for every parent.

Here are 6 oral care tips to keep your kid’s teeth protected from rotting, cavities, and candy damage:

  1. Trade-in the Sweet Treats with Seasonal GiftsIf you have been tasked with purchasing sugar candies for your kid’s school party or a Halloween event, consider replacing edible treats with fancy stationery goodies like pencils, stickers, or erasers. Your child will surely receive a bag full of candies so skipping chewy, gummy sweets is a great idea. This Halloween don’t take the traditional route and thrill parents and children with seasonal gifts.
  2. Sneak in Some Healthy Snacks Between the Sweet Treats We know that a handful of raisins and almonds cannot be compared to flavoursome M&M’s, but some amount of parental control is the key to keeping your kid’s teeth healthy even with candy consumption. Sneak in some healthy snacks between sugary indulgences to promote a balanced diet and dental health. You can also switch sweet and sour candies with sugar-free options to stimulate saliva production as it helps neutralize the acids produced by increased candy consumption.
  3. Weed Out All Unfavorable OptionsScrutinize your child’s Halloween candy haul and weed out all unhealthy options from the inventory. Gummies and caramels stick to the teeth and keep lingering in the mouth long after your child has consumed them so perform a candy purge and cut down on their quantity. Sour candies can cause serious damage to the enamel of the teeth due to high levels of acid so make sure their amount is in moderation.
  4. Control the Consumption by Limiting the Time for Sticky, Sugary Goodness Of course your child would want to consume every single candy that is collected but this would definitely be detrimental to the dental health unless you time the treat to control the consumption. After your child has consumed a candy, be sure he/she waits for 30 minutes before brushing the teeth. This is because the saliva in the mouth naturally restores the acid balance in 30 minutes. If you make your child brush right after consuming the candy, you are actually making your child brush more acid on the enamel which accelerates tooth erosion.
  5. Double Down on Your Kid’s Dental RoutineIt’s Halloween and it would be totally unfair if you restrict your child from enjoying savory candies but you can still be a smart parent and keep your kid’s teeth healthy in this sugar-filled festive season by ensuring that:
    • Your child drinks plenty of water throughout the day to rinse away all the harmful bacteria and sugar particles.
    • Rather than giving your child sweet stash whenever and wherever, dole out one piece at a time after meals.
    • Give your child a substantial, balanced meal before he/she leaves so there is less room to fill up on sweet treats along the way.
    • Make sure your kid practices good oral hygiene and brushes twice a day for at least two minutes.
  6. Don’t let the Halloween Indulgence Wreck Havoc on Your Child’s Teeth – Schedule a Dental Visit While daily oral care is a crucial part of your child’s dental health, even regular brushing and meticulous flossing miss out hard-to-reach areas and extreme corners of the teeth giving rise to plaque build-up. So this is the time to schedule your child’s routine dental check-up if you want to prevent the sticky, sugary treats from increasing the risk of painful cavities. Follow these tips to be sure your child’s teeth stay strong even with candy consumption.

Joshua Hong DDS Wishes You a Happy Halloween and Good Dental Health for Trick or Treat!
At Joshua Hong DDS, we want every child to enjoy the sweet treats of the festive season. With smart candy choices and proper dental hygiene habits, parents can protect their kid’s teeth from cavities as they continue to enjoy a fun night of trick-or-treating. Don’t take any chances with your child’s teeth and schedule a consultation today at 623.925.8822.