Uneven teeth? Here are you options for Teeth Straightening

August 23, 2016

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o you wish that your smile could have been better? Don’t despair. Technology advancements have made certain parameters controllable for man; one of which is teeth straightening. Many people feel about a slight regret regarding their smiles. They avoid getting clicked, talk less and even drop plans of going out with friends frequently. They get conscious and this brings down their confidence and morale.

Conventional Methods = Uncomfortable Feelings

Some bad memories are probably associated with traditional methods of orthodontic treatments and teeth straightening in our mind. Remember how the food got stuck in the metallic braces (which were equally embarrassing to flash) or that inevitable lisp from wearing a retainer?

Fixed Braces

Braces are small metallic brackets that are put over the uneven teeth surface and bound with wire to hold them together. In spite of looking ugly and causing inconvenience while eating, talking and smiling, braces are still the most popular method used for crowded and crooked teeth.

Removable Braces

These dental braces come in plastic or bio-friendly acrylic and are used for teeth with less crowding. They have springs and wire clasps that are used to keep the braces attached to the teeth. These braces are used when the teeth problem is not so severe.


These are complex devices, made up of thick metallic wires and run from outside the mouth onto the inside. In this method, teeth are supported by cups or straps that run under the chin or behind the neck. Headgears are usually worn for around 12 hours daily, for a few day or weeks, as the requirement of the treatment. In today’s time, these devices are hardly used due to advancement in orthodontal treatment.


They are similar to removable braces and are widely used after treatment using fixed braces. They are worn for a few months and prevent teeth from moving back to the original abnormal position.

Medical science has progressed a lot. A few new and improved methods for orthodontic treatment have been introduced. Let us see some newer ways to straighten teeth.

Fixed Clear Braces

These braces are gaining popularity due to their transparency. They work similarly to metallic braces but are made from a strong ceramic material with high transparency. These braces tend to adopt the color of the teeth, concealing themselves. Due to these features, they do not ruin the facial features like the traditional metal braces and are widely preferred.


The best feature of these devices is that they are made of clear plastic material and are barely visible. Due to technological advancements, an option of custom-made aligners is available and preferred by many. These braces are meant to be worn from anywhere between 9 to 15 months and are designed to cause negligible irritation or disruption in your usual life.

Make no mistake that a great smile is a great confidence-builder. You feel good and perform well. People take notice of you, listen to you and appreciate the positivity in your overall attitude. Timely visit your dentist and, if required, go for one of the above-mentioned oral treatments. It will prove to be a very fruitful investment.